Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Animal, Earth, Plant, Ruins, Scalykind, Vermin, Weather
Favored Weapon(s): Quarterstaff & Long Bow
Gender: Male
Family: None


While there is no record of Lingnum in any of the histories of the rest of the Pantheon he has been worshiped since before the beginning of recorded history. Some say that Lingnum was the original deity and that he created the five gods of the original pantheon to preside over the affairs of mortals, that he might be free to worry only over the affairs of the natural world. Others speculate that Lingnum is not really a god at all, but the spirit of the world itself or perhaps merely a powerful Fey lord.

While Lingnum may seem fickle at to those that do not know him, his followers know that all he does is for the purpose of preserving the balance of nature. To this end he is generally quite peaceful, but when the affairs of mortals encroach to far on his domain he does not hesitate to strike them down without mercy.


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