Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Air, Animal, Plant, Travel, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon(s): Net & Trident
Gender: Male
Family: The husband of Tenebris and the father of Saeva.


One of the original five gods, Aquamare is the god of the sea and of storms. While Aquamare is generally a friend to those who travel in his domain, he is difficult to predict and can just as easily bring about great harm; particularly so when influenced by his wife.

It is a common practice to sacrifice a small land animal to Aquamare, before setting out on a voyage, in order to assure good weather and safe travels. This practice is meant to be a direct affront to Peperit, by showing preference to the sea over the land. As Lingnum is not formaly part of the rest of the pantheon this action is not considered to be an intended offence against him, still it is unquestionable that Lingnum is bothered by this practice. As such it is common practice to offer up prayers to both Lingnum and Peperit before a voyage if on is for whatever reason not provideding a sacrifice to Aquamare.


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