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Iustitia 24, 134 A.E.

Just before dawn, On their way to discern the situation at a small tin mine, owned by Thane Durindem Axehammer, the party encounters and slays a small hunting party of kobolds as the kobolds where in the midst of hunting a trapped boar. The boar though wounded makes it escape. In doing this the party inadvertently provides a lone purple kobold the opportunity to escape his kobold captors. The party quickly looses sight of this purple kobold after the battle but latter in the afternoon as they reach the mouth of the tin mine they find that the purple kobold has followed them, offering a warning that they will only find more kobolds within the mine.

The party successfully clears the mine of kobolds. Learning that the kobolds accidently tunneld into the mine shaft and became trapped their after their own mineshaft had collapesed. The party learns that all of the dwarven miners have been killed and many of them eaten by the kobolds. They do find one aged dwarf clinging to life, _______ with his dying words he bids the party to take an amulate to his son who works in as a lumberjack in the Fey Wood.

Iustitia 25, 134 A.E.

A large black bear wanders into the parties camp shortly in the middle of the night. After several minutes of tense standoff, Rasmussen bids Grogan to pull his tail and the resulting fluffing of fur and shreiking given off by Rasmussen is sufficent to scare the bear away.

Iustitia 25, 134 A.E.

The party returns to Thane Axehammer in the __________ and conveyed to him the story of what their journey and what they found in his tin mine.

Iustitia 26, 134 A.E.

The party travels north through the ________ mountains to North _________ .

Iustitia 28, 134 A.E.

The party arrives at North _______. They confirm which of the three lumber camps _________ works at. Taking the advice of one of the local lumberjacks the party upgrades many of their weapons to cold iron in preparation for their journey to the Fey Woods.

_ 1, 134A.E._
The party reaches the logging encampment in the Fey Woods and scussfully delivers the amultet to ___________. They spend the night drinking with _________ and his friends. Around midnight the sound of many wolfs howling in the forest can begin to be herd and the party learns of the percisitent attacks the encampment has had from summoned wolfs.

2, 134A.E.

The party aides in the defence of the logging encampment in against the summoned wolfs. Shortly after the attack the party ventures beyond the encampents walls upon seeing many glowing lights in the forest (which they learn to be some manner of elf shaped flying glowing bug). Whilst in the forest the party battles several gremlins. The party returns to North _______ latter that day along with the loggers wounded in the attack. The next morning the party heads south through the mountains to ______.




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